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Trampoline Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

There are many benefits to jumping on a trampoline or rebounding. As many people know it is excellent exercise, but are trampolines safe? Yes, trampolines can be very safe, just make sure you check these things before jumping to get the safest jump possible for you and your kids.

safety-enclosure-vuly-2Does your trampoline have a net enclosure?

Trampoline enclosures or nets increase safety and prevent injuries while jumping on a trampoline because it keeps everyone on the trampoline bed or mat. Most trampoline injuries occur from falling off a trampoline. The trampoline net enclosure is great because it prevents kids and adults from falling off the trampoline.

Did you check to make sure your trampoline is installed correctly?

If you put anything together incorrectly, it will easily break and that’s how people get hurt. If you are installing the trampoline yourself, make sure that you follow all of the manufacturer’s directions specifically. Please don’t cut any corners or try to figure it out. You want to make sure every spring, bolt, nut, and bar is in the right place so when you jump on it, nothing will get loose and pop off. Yes, this is a no- brainer but it is so important for you to do.

Does your trampoline have all the necessary parts and are they in good working condition?

Over time, wear and tear can happen to your trampoline. The springs can get loose or you can loose a spring. Or the mat can break and leave a hole in the trampoline bed. If you see any missing or loose springs, screws, broken mats, or rusted or extremely bent bars, make sure to replace the damaged pieces. You do not want any weakened pieces on the trampoline while you or your children are jumping.

Are you monitoring and setting rules for your kids and their friends when they are doing jumps and stunts on the trampoline?

When kids get excited, they stop thinking of safety. They only think of impressing their friends which can be very dangerous. What starts as a simple high jump can end up with one kid landing very hard on the other. Some simple rules that you can set for yourself or your kids are:

  1. Allowing only one person on the trampoline when doing high jumps and stunts at a time.
  2. Setting a limit as to how many kids can comfortably jump at one time on the trampoline based on the size of the trampoline that you have.
  3. Make sure you are under the weight limit for the trampoline. Most trampolines will tell you there is a limit or 300 pounds or more. Make sure you know and are abiding by those weight limits.
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