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Benefits of a Trampoline Plus Safety Tips for Kids

Why Own a Trampoline – The Benefits

There are numerous advantages for using trampolines and this article is written to highlight some of these benefits and ways for children to enjoy their time while playing it completely safe. Interestingly – trampolines provide a form of exercise that is much better for kids and even adults, when compared with running and other forms of exercises as it can be utilized in your home. 

While several folks do not enjoy jogging or running, it is very possible to enjoy same benefits and more, by putting those legs together on a trampoline! Normal jogging or running routines place physical stress on lower limbs and feet – however utilizing a trampoline takes up to 78 percent off the stress of your weight.

While trampolines are known to be fun tools for kids, there are custom-made sizes for adults and it has been found that such trampoline exercises are wonderful deals for seniors and physically-challenged folks. Trampolines are super cool means of exercising for folks who have been inactive and are starting out on an exercise program.

Generally, a 15 minute trampoline bounce is the same as a 45 minute jog or run!

Using a trampoline for exercising has the following health benefits among others:

  • Fuels your metabolism.
  • Upsurges oxygen capacity.
  • Advances your sense of balance.
  • Upsurges oxygen circulation to tissues.
  • Fortifies the heart (Cardiovascular health)
  • Upsurges energy and vitality
  • Firms and tones the muscles

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vuly-skate-deckSafety Tips for Kids using Trampoline

While trampolines are great sources of fun and enjoyment for both adults and kids, we cannot rule out the that there can be possible trampoline injuries to kids, just like any other equipment, if trampolines are not used correctly.

Below are safety tips for kids using trampolines:

  1. Avoid installing a trampoline close to trees, poles or walls – as a child may accidentally hit these areas while over excited on the games and fun times
  2. You should make sure that all springs and bolts within the trampoline are in perfect position and well-tightened before it is mounted and used.
  3. Also ensure that the springs are properly fixed in their place and securely attached at both sides. Note that hanging springs may cause avoidable injuries in the case of an accident.
  4. And last but not the least, you can include a safety net – to enclose around the trampoline

While it is real fun and healthy using the trampoline for exercising and fun moments, please make sure that kids don’t jump so high – as going too high may cause them to lose control and jump off the trampoline.

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