Girl in grey pants and white shirt flails her arms as she jumps on a tramp
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Backyard Entertainment and Cardiovascular Exercise

Competing with the X Box for Entertainment Children and adults have many options to entertain themselves indoors. Today's homes no longer have just a "TV Room" they have "Entertainment Rooms".  The big screen is connected to an Xbox, WiFi,…
Two small children jump on trampoline at the beach
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Trampoline – The Parent Kid Connection

In the process of growth, a child needs and also desires time to spend with parents. Nowadays, however, most families scarcely see each other.  Parents are mostly at work while the children are at school. This often breaks the relationships…
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What is the Best Rebounder to Buy? Rebounder Buyer's Guide

Whenever buying anything, including a Rebounder, there are always many different options to choose from. A common question that always comes up is how to know which is the best brand to purchase or which brands should you stray away from. In…
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What is Rebounding?

What is rebounding on a mini trampoline? According to Merriam- Webster's dictionary, the definition of rebound is “to bounce back off something after hitting it” and that is exactly what you are doing when you are rebounding on a trampoline. Rebounding…
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5 Shocking Benefits of Rebounding

With all of the different types of exercises that are available, how do you choose the one that’s best for you? You have yoga, personal trainers, pilates, weight lifting, running, dancing, aerobics, water aerobics, and the list goes on and…
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Rebounding: The Perfect Tiny House Exercise

When Tiny House Nation first aired, I was so intrigued. Just the entire idea of downsizing and simplifying your life so that you can really get back to the things that are most important—- like traveling, not being stressed over bills, and…