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Coil Springs vs Leaf Springs – Research the Spring System before Buying Your Trampoline

The History of Coil Springs in Trampolines

Today you have a choice to buy a trampoline designed with coil springs vs leaf springs. The first modern trampoline was built in 1936 using coil springs attached to an iron frame and a canvas mat with grommet holes. The idea came from watching trapeze artists fall into a net and bouncing. Accordingly, two athletes at the University of Iowa decided  they could practice tumbling and diving tricks if they could bounce. Using angle iron, coil springs and a canvas gave them their first trampoline.

In 1942 the two athletes started the  Griswold-Nissen Trampoline & Tumbling Company. Accordingly, coil springs are the standard for trampolines. Even NASA engineers use this design for trampolines providing training for astronauts and pilots. Coil springs are easy to attach to the frame using a tool provided for assembly purposes. The coils also come in sizes ranging from 3.25 inches to 10 inches. When replacing the coils be certain to measure the length accurately. The length of the spring clearly impacts the bounce of the trampoline. The longer the spring the higher the bounce.

trampoline coil spring for a trampoline found on airtrampolines

Coil Spring Technology used Today

A good example of a Trampoline Brand using coil spring technology today, is JumpSport. This company has been an innovator in trampoline safety for more than 19 years. Their JumpSport 14 foot Power Bounce uses ninety-six 8.5″ coil springs. This allows for excellent jump height and a weight allowance of 295 pounds.

The History of Leaf Spring Technology in Trampolines

In 2014 Vuly Trampolines received the Good Design Award from Australia for their revolutionary innovation of trampolines. Vuly designed a method to use leaf spring technology instead of the frame and coil spring method.

Using leaf springs eliminates the ridged metal frame around the edge of the trampoline. This eliminates one of the safety hazards impacting the users. In this case the jumper will not contend with falling onto the hard metal frame. The leaf spring system also provides additional bounce per jump. With the soft edge and integrated safety net enclosure the Vuly Thunder XL 14 foot Trampoline is the strongest and safest trampoline in the world.

Conclusion – Do I go Leaf Spring or Coil Spring?

Coil springs vs leaf springs are each good choices. Coil spring technology has  been used since 1936. Likewise significant safety improvements have been invented to safeguard the jumpers. The pads over the springs and frame and the safety net enclosure make a big difference.

On the other hand, the new leaf spring technology eliminates the need for the padding as the jumper has no hard frame to land on. In both cases however a good safety net enclosure is recommended. Coil springs and leaf springs are going to be a part of trampolining for a long time into the future.

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