Propel 15 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure Review

Propel 15′ Trampolines with Enclosure Reviewspropel-trampoline

The propel 15 foot trampoline has a solid almost 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, but based on the reviews, people either love it or hate it. Mostly, it seems as though people hated it because of the instructions with putting it together. However, for less than $500, this is one of the biggest and BEST trampolines available for the price. Below, I will give you a summary of the customer reviews for propel 15 ft trampoline.

User Reviews for Propel 15′ Trampolines


The price of this trampoline and quality are by far the biggest benefits.

A lot of users said that it was very sturdy, gives you a great bounce while jumping, and have gotten good use from this product over a few years. In comparison to other more expensive $1000- $2000 trampolines, users said that the springs are just as sturdy and the pad and security net (aka enclosure net) use the springs to secure the trampoline very well.

Overall majority of people love this trampoline, especially for the price when compared to other brands of this same size.


Majority of the negative feedback of the propel 15 foot trampoline focused on it being difficult to follow the directions to assemble it. However, one user mentioned you have to follow the directions verbatim and noted that most users don’t follow directions; they just make assumptions like he did, skip lines, and end up getting frustrated. A few users mentioned being confused by the directions but watching this YouTube video which made assembly very easy.

A few other negative reviews concentrated on safety concerns like the wearing away of the pad and the safety net. However, the multiple reviewers that stated they are on their 3rd or 4th trampoline said that it is normal to have to replace the pads and safety nets every 1-3 years. They discussed it is normal to have to replace the entire trampoline— even more expensive models— every few years and this trampoline is very close in terms of the quality to the most expensive brands.

Final Conclusion

If you want a trampoline for a very affordable price, the propel 15′ trampoline is a great value and quality for the cost. If you do purchase this trampoline, make sure to follow the assembly directions meticulously or watch the YouTube video. A lot of the safety concerns and issues could have been fixed with proper assembly and talking to your kids, as always, about safety rules when jumping on a trampoline.

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Common Questions

Q: Does the propel 15′ trampoline come with a spring stretcher?

A: No, however, many other people have used another spring to stretch the other springs which worked very easily or some purchased a spring stretcher separately.


Q: What is the weight limit for this trampoline?

A: 300 pounds


Q: Can it be left out during the winter and is it rust resistant?

A: Users have stated that they leave this trampoline outside all year long and have never seen any rust and the anchors have never failed. (One person had the trampoline for 2 years).


Q: How long of a ladder does this trampoline need?

A: About a 2.5 foot ladder. Most families don’t use the ladder.

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