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Trampoline Tents Make Great Backyard Clubhouses

 Trampoline Tents

Trampoline Tents are a great way to extend the hours of fun for family and friends on your trampoline. Building enclosures with blankets, boxes and furniture has long been a source of entertainment for kids. The next step is often some type of fort in the back yard. Once the fort is constructed the kids all want to sleep in it. That means the hard  ground is where they will be sleeping. However, with your trampoline in place you have a great alternative.

The Trampoline tent is perfect for a summers night sleepover. The tents roof covering and walls provide protection from the elements and night time creepy crawlers that bite. The fact that you are sleeping up off the ground keeps the moisture out and sleeping bags dry. The trampoline mat takes the place of the air mattress or sleeping pad. Accordingly, the kids sleep better and dryer unless you forget to tun off the water sprinklers.

The Trampoline Club HouseA red, trampoline clubhouse on a propel trampolines in the middle of a park

Trampoline manufactures  have used the idea of the backyard fort or play house and designed some great accessories. For example The Propel Trampoline Club House Tent is the perfect place for kids to gather for their meetings and tea parties. Imagine the transformation of your trampoline into a safe and fun game room for the kids in the back yard. The idea of a club house for kids on a nice comfortable trampoline is brilliant. Adding a the Propel ladder is also a good idea. This gives the smaller children the opportunity to climb the ladder and be part of the club.

Great Out Door Space

Vuly Trampolines decided to give their tent some options. The roof of the tent can be added with out the walls to provide an open air yet covered tent. This allows the cool breeze to pass through the tent and allow parents and guardians to watch the fun unfold.  The roof also provides cover from the rain and bright sun.

When the walls are installed the Vuly system has windows that open all the way around the Trampoline. This allows for more air to pass through and keep the tent cooler during the day. The windows have a draw string system that allows the tent to be completely enclosed for those private club house meeting. The closed tent also provides safety from the storm. The Vuly Thunder Trampoline Tent system truly adds another room to your house. The outdoor space for fun, exerciser, and relaxation. Your family and neighborhood kids will have their club house and sleepover space for years to come.




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