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What is the Best Rebounder to Buy? Rebounder Buyer’s Guide

Whenever buying anything, including a Rebounder, there are always many different options to choose from. A common question that always comes up is how to know which is the best brand to purchase or which brands should you stray away from. In order to assist you in figuring this out, we have created this buyer’s guide which will give you a good idea of what exactly a rebounder is and compare different rebounder brands based on price, quality, warranty, and online customer reviews.

Should I Get a Rebounder or a Trampoline?

If you are interested in getting fit and healthy, then a rebounder is best for you! The rebounder was specifically created to be a safe indoor or outdoor workout device that helps your burn a lot of blue-soft-reboundercalories and fat without putting a lot of pressure or force on your joints and bones. It’s small so it won’t take up a lot of space.

A trampoline, on the other hand, was created for more recreational activities like gymnastics, acrobatics, and tumbling. Most trampolines are much bigger than rebounders so more than one person can jump at the same time and they will only fit in your backyard.

What are the Differences in the Brands and Prices for Rebounders?


As with price, you typically get what you pay for. A lot of reviews from people that tried cheap rebounders first then purchased a more expensive one later on noticed a considerable difference in the quality, feel, and longevity.

Which Rebounder has the Best Quality? (Based on Customer Reviews)

#1 & #2 Customers gave the Needak and Bellicon brands the highest reviews in terms of quality. They loved how quiet, comfortable, and soft it was to bounce on these brands and how long they lasted without having to repair it. However, there were some complaints of Bellicon’s cords stretching and breaking after a while.

#3 JumpSport came in next with the best quality, however, they complained about smaller jump surfaces, stiffer bouncing, and issues with the mat breaking and the cords needing to be replaced after a few months.

#4 Last place in terms of quality is the Urban Rebounder and the Other Brands. Customers either loved or hated the Urban Rebounder, but it was good for most people that loved it because of the price. With the Urban Rebounder and the other miscellaneous brands, many customers complained of issues right out of the box or after just a few uses such as loose screws, torn fabric/ mats, and springs needed to be replaced.

What About the Warranty?


Final Overview

When you factor in the price, quality, warranty, and reviews, the Needak Rebounder is the best for your buck. It falls right in the middle in terms of the cost—- it’s not the cheapest and it is not the most expensive. However, the quality and warranty that you receive with a Needak is better than the higher priced Bellicose and JumpSport brands. If you just want to try it out, feel free to get a cheap one like the Urban Rebounder, but, those may not give you the best impression and jumping experience and you might end up getting a better one in the future.

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