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Brand Profile – Magic Circle Trampolines

A Magic Circle trampoline leaned up against a fenceMagic Circle trampolines are the toughest trampolines on the market. The company has been around for over thirty-five years after getting their start in the 1980s. Over this time, they have specialized in building stable and well-built trampolines all made in the United States. The company is currently located in Georgia and makes trampolines with enclosures as well as trampolines without enclosures. These are described as Magic Cage trampolines or magic circle trampolines. They also offer a variety of fun shapes for these trampolines!

A little history

Magic Circle is a trampoline company based in Columbus, Georgia. Magic Circle proudly makes all their trampolines here in the United States. They pride themselves on building and manufacturing their trampolines on United States soil. These trampolines have been created and built since the 1980s by Magic Circle.

Their Specialty

The company specializes in making durable and well-built trampolines. Magic Circle builds trampolines in a variety of shapes including circles, octagons, rectangles, and hexagons. They also offer a variety of colors! Sizes range from a rectangle 9′ x 14′ trampoline to the gigantic, 16′ octagon trampoline. The prices of these trampolines range from as low as $640 up to $1,550.

Trampolines without Enclosure

Magic Circle is one of the only companies still offering the option to purchase a trampoline without enclosure. The Magic Circle 12-foot round trampoline without enclosure is made entirely in the United States. This trampoline is heavy duty and has the ability to hold the weight of up to 450 pounds!

The round trampoline size comes with six individual safety pads. These pads come in a variety of fun colors including green, purple, yellow, or all three! You can order this all one color or two colors of any combination! The jump pad on this trampoline is completely UV resistant. The frame of this trampoline is made entirely of strong steel which is long lasting. There is a 14-gauge steel frame with 1.66’’ diameter with 78 galvanized steel springs that are 8 ½’’ in length. This stable trampoline has an easy assembly that can take less than thirty minutes! This trampoline is twelve feet in diameter and nine feet high. The twelve-foot round trampoline without enclosure is proudly made and shipped in the United States with an incredible ten-year warranty included on the frame. There is a five-year warranty on the jumping surface, mat, cage, and springs! This trampoline is a perfect fit for backyards.

A green trampoline without safety net, in rain on lush green grass

Magic Circle makes a 13’ 6’’ round trampoline without enclosure. This trampoline has the option of interchangeable color safety pads so you can customize your trampoline with your own style. You can select a variety of colors for your safety pads from green, purple, yellow, or all three colors! There is a UV resistant jump pad along with a steel frame. This frame is a 14-gauge steel frame with 1.66’’ diameter. There are 96 galvanized steel springs all 8 ½’’ in length. Although this trampoline has a larger diameter at 13’6’’ it still has the same quick and easy set up at less than thirty minutes.

Magic Circle also offers a 16 foot octagon trampoline without enclosure. This trampoline has an octagon shape with a larger more spacious jump pad at sixteen feet! This jump pad is totally UV resistant allowing for jumping in sunny weather! There are eight safety pads available in green, yellow, purple, or all three colors. The frame is typical of a Magic Circle trampoline made with sturdy steel. There are 112 galvanized steel springs on this octagon trampoline all at 8 ½’’ in length. Even at sixteen feet in diameter this trampoline is easy to assemble. The octagon without enclosure includes the same ten-year Magic Circle warranty on the steel frame along with the same five year warranty on the jumping surface, mat, cage and springs.

Trampolines with Safety Enclosure

Magic Circle makes trampolines that come with an enclosure for safe jumping. Magic Circle makes these trampolines in a variety of different shapes and you have the option to customize your own color schemes. The net cage gives a safety feature that enhances the jumpers experience. The Magic Circle 12 foot hexagon trampoline with enclosure comes in a unique hexagon shape. You can choose from a variety of safety pad colors to customize your trampoline. There is a solid steel frame accompanied with steel gauge springs. This trampoline is twelve feet in diameter.

Magic Circle offers a 12 foot round trampoline with a safety enclosure. This trampoline comes with a safety enclosure along with the ability to choose your own color scheme for the safety pads from yellow, green, purple, and all three. There are 78 galvanized steel springs with a solid steel frame. This trampoline is a classic backyard trampoline with a safety enclosure to keep people having safe and great fun! Magic Circle also offers a larger take on the round trampoline with a safety enclosure with a 13’6’’ round trampoline. This trampoline has 96 galvanized steel springs and comes with a steel frame, safety enclosure, and the same great Magic Circle warranty.

An attractive teenage girl with blue tank top, black yoga pants, and ponytail enters a trampoline safety enclosure.

Magic Circle makes a 9 X 14 foot rectangle trampoline with enclosure. This trampoline is rectangle in shape and comes with a safety enclosure around the trampoline, steel frame, steel galvanized springs, and the Magic Circle warranty! Finally, Magic Circle builds a 16 foot octagon trampoline with enclosure. This is a great unique shape with the ability to customize the colors of the safety pads. The trampoline comes with 112 galvanized steel springs with a 14 gauge steel frame. There is a weight capacity of 450 pounds. The octagon trampoline with enclosure is great for backyards!

Magic Circle trampolines stand out in the industry due to their solid construction, durability, and safety. These trampolines are rock solid!

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