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Brand Profile – JumpSport Trampolines

Who is JumpSport?

JumpSport is a trampoline manufacturer that operates out of Saratoga, California. Mark Publicover is the CEO of JumpSport and a Product Safety Innovator. JumpSport trampolines are an affordable alternative to other trampoline brands. These trampolines are made overseas as well. JumpSport manufactures a variety of trampolines including the JumpSport Classic with different available models. You can choose between round or rectangular designs. You can also pick between SoftBounce, StagedBounce, PowerBounce, and 10′ x 17′ Rectangular trampolines. JumpSport trampolines are affordable and safe made for the entire family to enjoy. JumpSport trampolines can range from $300 for a 12 foot with enclosure to $500 for a 15 foot with enclosure.


Safety First at JumpSport

JumpSport trampolines set themselves apart in the trampoline industry with their commitment to inventing and constructing a safe and fun trampoline. In 1996 JumpSport invented the trampoline safety net and has increased their cause for leading innovation in trampoline safety with seventeen safety patents since 1996. These safety innovations are seen in the construction of their trampolines. JumpSport to breaking ground in the trampoline industry with their determined commitment to the safety of those future jumpers. Helping kids stay safe while having fun has given this company a drive to create an affordable trampoline for any family!

A close up picture of the safety net pole of a JumpSport trampoline


The StagedBounce Trampoline by JumpSporta kid flexing his muscles, while a group of kids watch him jump on a JumpSport trampoline

JumpSport makes the StagedBounce Trampoline System. This trampoline system is equipped with JumpSport’s patented StageBounce technology. With this patented technology 50% of the springs engage with a jumper right away then 50% engage a fraction of a second later to reduce impact and promote safety while having fun. The StagedBounce technology is one of a kind as it is designed specifically to reduce injuries sustained on a trampoline. JumpSport StagedBounce Trampoline Systems are available in 12 or 14 feet in diameter.

Two StagedBounce Sizes to Choose From

The 12 foot trampoline is designed to accommodate smaller yards while the 14 foot version is more suited to larger yards. The black frame is cold rolled steel 1.8’’ in diameter with a 1.5mm wall thickness. The jumping mat of the trampoline stands 35 inches off of the ground. The trampoline springs are JumpSport’s Extra-Strech High Performance Springs that are 8.5 inches long made with zinc-plated steel. The 12 foot trampoline comes with 80 springs and the 14 foot trampoline comes with 96 springs.

The StagedBounce Jumping Mat

The jumping mat has a UV shield for protection against the sun and has 113 square feet of jumping space. JumpSport Classic StagedBounce Trampoline Systems uses high strength loop straps and steel V-rings in order to connect the springs. The frame pad on these trampolines are blue and over 13.75 inches wide. EPE (expanded polyethylene) is across the surface of the foam pad. This foam is topped with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as an outer shell which is UV and water resistant.

The StagedBounce Safety Net Enclosure

The JumpSport Classic StagedBounce Technology System is included with an enclosure that is patented with Triple fail-safe design. The enclosure also has a patented Top Strap to help shield against the net collapse. There is a Patented Overlap Entry allowing for kids to split right into the jumping space without the hassle of a zipper or the struggles of Velcro. The nets are strong as JumpSport uses HALS chemistry. The StagedBounce Trampoline System has patented shock absorbing Ball-Caps at the top of the pole. There are vinyl sleeves used to prevent erosion from hot sun rays if the trampoline system is left outdoors in a backyard. The enclosure poles are patented as shock-absorbing padded poles that have the ability to bend. The enclosure is rated for up to 230 pound jumpers!

PowerArm, PowerHook, PowerSprings technology means double-side trampoline springsThe PowerBounce Trampoline by JumpSport

JumpSport also offers the PowerBounce Trampoline System for a superior bounce! The PowerBounce System is fueled by JumpSport’s TripleStage-Dual Spring assembly. This assembly comes with High-Performance spring and JumpSport’s PowerArm fitting. These all lock together to create the ability of three different stages of jumping capabilities. The frame of this trampoline is black cold rolled steel 1.8’’ in diameter with a 1.5mm wall thickness. JumpSport trampoline’s come with their “DD” Sure-Lok System to help with the overall stability of the frame. The jumping mat is 35 inches off of the ground.

PowerBounce’s Turbo-Charged Springs

Springs used in this trampoline system are JumpSport’s Extra-Stretch High-Performance Springs which are 8.5 inches long made of zinc plated steel. Eighty High-Performance springs come with the 12 foot trampoline system and 96 High-Performance Springs come with the 14 foot system. The model also is equipped with thirty two additional ‘Dual Spring’ assemblies accompanied with JumpSport’s adjustable PowerCams.

The blue foam pad is EPE padding (expanded polyethylene) over the top and then covered by UV and water resistant PVC material (polyvinyl chloride). The 12 foot PowerBounce increases the maximum weight of a single jumper up to 240 pounds. The 14 foot PowerBounce trampoline has the weight of a single jumper maxed out at 245 pounds! JumpSport PowerBounce Trampoline System comes with PowerArms, PowerHooks, and PowerSprings!

The Safety-Minded PowerBounce

JumpSport Classic PowerBounce Trampoline System includes a safety enclosure for fun and comfortable bouncing. This enclosure is rated for up to 295 pound jumpers! The safety enclosure is seventy percent stronger than JumpSport’s other enclosure systems. The system includes the Triple-back-up safety design and includes a strap plus a shock cord suspense system. The safety enclosure is made with HALS chemistry for protection against harmful UV rays. The enclosure is made with 1.5’’ solid steel poles as well. JumpSport’s PowerBounce Trampoline safety enclosure is able to pair with the JumpSport Basketball Hoop for long lasting fun and new ways to exercise on your PowerBounce Trampoline System.

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