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The Rectangle Trampoline is Perfect for The Future Gymnast

The Rectangle Trampoline

The rectangle trampoline is clearly the right one for learning tumbling skills. When you see a strong to desire to practice and participate in gymnastics it is time to seriously consider the advantages of owning a rectangular trampoline.  Gymnasts use the the trampoline to first learn their tricks.  The most beautiful  floor exercises consist of a series of tumbling runs. Each individual trick is learned separately. Once you have mastered each skill it is then put together as a tumbling run.  Accordingly, with the help of a coach the individual tricks are learned and  practiced on a trampoline.

Learning New Tricks

A little girl does gymnastics tricks on her rectangular trampolineConsequently, the rectangular shape of the trampoline is important to give the athlete control. While learning the tumbling skill the direction and speed must be in the control of the athlete not the trampoline. The springs and design in a rectangle give the future gymnast the control they need. However, gymnasts are not the only athletes using rectangle trampolines to practice tricks. Modern dancers also like to fly through the air. Accordingly, practicing on a trampoline provides a soft landing until the dance move is acquired. Like wise freestyle skiers, snow boarders, and skateboarders are using rectangle trampolines to practice their tricks.

There is also a trampoline  competition in the Olympics. This is a beautiful and very athletic event. The technique and skill required to compete on the world stage requires thousand of hours of practice. The rectangle trampoline is used in this Olympic competition.

Durability and Safety

One of the best values for a home rectangle trampoline is the JumpSport 10’x 17‘. It is easy to see that the 17 foot length will allow an athlete the room needed to focus on the new trick. The JumpSport also has an excellent safety net system that is very important. The JumpSport is built for strength, durability,  and safety.

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