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The Highest Quality Family Size Trampoline with the Most Capacity

An octagon shaped trampoline with a young girl with ponytails jumping.

The Family Size Trampoline

Highest quality and family size in this context are referring to the idea that more than one person can safely jump on the trampoline at the same time.  To accomplish this goal it is important to acquire a trampoline with three attributes.

Highest Weight Limit on the Market

First, how much weight will the mat allow?  Maybe two adults and two children with a total weight form 300 to 400 pounds.  The combination could be 4-5 children and teens. Still you will want the strongest possible mat. The only trampolines with a 450 pound weight limit are the Magic Circle USA Trampolines.

Strongest Frame on the Market

Second, if more than one person is jumping on the trampoline the frame will tend to wable and flex. This can be dangerous as this creates odd angles for the jumpers. The designers of Magic Circle Trampolines added 13 gauge galvanized steel to their frames to provide the strangest, safest, and highest quality family sized trampoline on the market.  No other trampoline provides this strength to their frame. Also, the Magic Circle frame joints are welded or use fittings, not cheap clips that can come loose and lost over time. In fact, their frame is so strong it is guaranteed for 10 years.

Great Size for More Than One Person

Third, the size of the mat is important. If more than one person is jumping the added space is critical for fun and safety. To make this fun and safe for kids and adults the Magic Circle provides an octagon-shaped trampoline that is 16 feet through the diameter. It is clear Magic Circle Trampolines are designed to be the highest quality family size products on the market. The strength of the mat together with the ultra sturdy frame will provide years of fun and exercise for the whole family.

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