Vuly Engineering Makes Their Trampolines The Safest Family Trampoline on the Market

vuly safety net girl hitting setThe Safest Family Trampoline

The safest family trampoline on the market is produced by Vuly. One reason is because of their new generation enclosure net. Enclosures are a relatively new idea for trampolines. The Baby Boomers took their chances on the neighborhood trampoline. Their generation played kick the can in the streets and baseball in the vacant lot. A trampoline in the neighborhood was rare. Parents would monitor closely its use but accidents did happen. Mostly, falling into the springs around the edge and hitting  the bar.

The Vuly Enclosure and Safety Net

The enclosure came  as trampolines became more available. Also, with better springs and mats our kids began flying higher. We began seeing fish like netting strung with cords to bars around the perimeter. Now, fingers and toes were getting caught in the nets. Does this all sound familiar?

In response to consumer demand, Vuly engineered a new netting system  made from super strong Silk Terylene. The holes in Thunder’s safety net are very small, unlike the basket ball type netting used by other companies. Consequently, fingers and toes do not get caught and cut when glancing into the perimeter safety net.


Also, these older netting systems use rough material that scratches arms and legs as they glance off the net. Conversely, the strong Silk Terylene material along with the small holes in the net prevent these abrasions from occurring.

Guides You Back to the Center

To make this the safest family trampoline the engineers also needed to design a system that directs you back to the center of mat. Vuly’s net stops you from going over the edge and it also directs your energy off the net and sends you back to the center of the trampoline mat. Children and adults of all ages are safer on the Vuly Trampoline as a result of the careful engineering and construction material used in the Vuly perimeter net system.


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