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Add a Basketball Hoop to Your Family Trampoline for Fun and Exercise

a young boy in blue shirt dunking his Vuly basketball hoop high above his Vuly 2 trampoline

The Trampoline Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoops and Trampolines go hand in hand. Imagine being able to dunk your basketball with ease every single time. The trend for trampolines has been to add more entertainment to the experience of jumping. A basketball hoop added to the trampoline as an accessory can motivate kids to play longer and get more exercise. Kids especially enjoy the challenge of flying toward the trampoline basketball hoop and slamming the ball through the rim for two points.

Crazy about Slamming it

Most young basketball players will not reach the height to be able to dunk a basketball successfully on a conventional basketball court. However, just because nature has not given them the ability to feel the exhilaration of dunking a basketball does not mean they should not have that opportunity to do it on your backyard trampoline.  Accordingly, a quality trampoline like the Vuly or JumpSport will allow you to add a strong and safe basketball hoop accessory.

The magic of experiencing  a slam dunk for someone who loves playing basketball is beyond words. It is the ultimate triumph over gravity. The trampoline is the perfect safe place to start a young athlete on their way to a strong and healthy body. Many professional athletes continue to use the trampoline as a tool for physical and mental conditioning. They will often reflect on the the first time they dunked the ball on a trampoline in their own or a neighbors back yard trampoline.

a crazy eyed man with a brooklyn shirt spins a basketball on his finger

Basketball is a very popular sport and is played by all ages. The use of a trampoline in combination with a basketball hoop accessory allows brothers and sisters and moms and dads to enjoy the the fun and laughter that comes from challenging and helping each other. The backyard can become the center of attention as you add fun activities such as a basket ball hoop to the entertainment value and healthy exerciser value of your trampoline.



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