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Rebounding: The Perfect Tiny House Exercise

When Tiny House Nation first aired, I was so intrigued. Just the entire idea of downsizing and simplifying your life so that you can really get back to the things that are most important—- like traveling, not being stressed over bills, and maintaining and growing friendships—- shocked and astonished me. I loved all of the interesting craftsmanship they used to really utilize fully the tiny, up to 500 square feet, homes.

But when you really think about it, 500 square feet or less is not a lot of space. Plus, when you add in an extra adult or two, there is very little space to move around. Which made me begin to wonder how can you really exercise and maintain a fit lifestyle in a tiny house?

The Challenge with Exercising in Small Spaces

There were a few episodes that actually touched on this question. One Tiny House Nation episode featured a woman who had a pole dancing hobby and an actual pole in her living room. Usually before people go tiny, the host draws three circles on the ground. One for items to bring with them, one for items to throw away, and one for items to trash. If the item doesn’t fit in the circle, the person can’t bring that item with them.

As you can probably imagine, the pole wouldn’t fit in the circle so the host pretty much told her she couldn’t take that pole with her in the tiny home and she would have to practice pole back at a studio because it just would not be enough space. So having the convenience of pole dancing in her house was a sacrifice that this woman had to make in order to live tiny.

(Picture Credit: www.fyi.tv/shows/tiny-house-nation The Climber Tiny House)

(Picture Credit: www.fyi.tv/shows/tiny-house-nation The Climber Tiny House)

Another episode actually incorporated a rock climbing wall into the tiny home for a couple that was very into fitness and exercise. (See the picture below for the actual tiny home with the rock wall incorporated into the walls)

However, I always wondered what can the rest of the population of Tiny House lovers do to work out when you don’t feel like going to the gym or it’s raining or too cold to go outside on the patio to get a quick workout in.

The Small Space Exercise Solution: Rebounding

Well my answer is rebounding! If you don’t know what rebounding is, it’s an exercise that you can do while jumping on a mini trampoline. The mini trampoline is just a little bigger than your body so it is a  perfect fit for a tiny house and the small amount of space that the tiny house has and the rebounder uses. Plus, there are folding rebounders which allow you to easily store them in closets and specifically for tiny houses, under rolling furniture or maybe even in the couch. Yes! there were episodes that showed how to store things in couches and under stairs. And there are many rebounding benefits besides just being easy to store and small for a tiny home. 

So now you know you can live tiny and still be fit using rebounder exercises.

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