Gluten Free and Acne Free. What Has Finally Been Working to Heal My Acne

In the last post, I had a life changing epiphany. That maybe gluten was the cause of a lot of my issues starting from when I was younger and had problems digesting foods and would always throw up to now being past the teenage stage but still having acne.

It has only been 2 weeks since I’ve taken gluten out of my diet but I can honestly say that my face is the clearest its been in a long time. I’ve never had severe acne, more mild to moderate, but any acne is annoying.

What’s Working to Get Me Less Acne

So first, I’m going to discuss what has been working for me then I’ll discuss my acne journey (maybe in a different post) since I always hate having to scroll down to the middle of a post just to see what’s working for someone else.

GetGorgeous Tea

get_gorgeous_tea_mediumDrink 1 cup with 2 tea bags every morning and 1 cup with 2 tea bags every night. I first heard about this tea on an acne forum and review site. A lot of people were getting very good results by just drinking this so I decided to give it a try around September. At first I was only drinking 1 cup with 1 tea bag in the morning and 1 cup with 1 tea bag at night. I was seeing good results between 4 days and 2 weeks of drinking it— better than what I saw with other methods I was trying (it was clearing up the stubborn acne I had along my jawline that the nature’s cure pills weren’t clearing up) but it still wasn’t getting rid of all of ALL of my acne so I bumped up the dosage with 1 cup in the morning but this time using 2 tea bags and 1 cup at night using 2 tea bags and got much better results.

Drinking GetGorgeous Tea works because it’s a red clover tea. Red clover is used to “clean blood” so it’s a great antioxidant and also helps to balance out hormones in the body. When you have a lot of testosterone hormones, that can cause acne too so the Red Clover Tea helps balance out those hormones.

Tumeric Masks

tumericMix 1 teaspoon of tumeric powder (can get it from Wegmans or any grocery store with an international/ indian aisle) with 1/2 teaspoon of honey and apply the sticky mixture to your face. Leave it on for 1 hour then rinse it off. Use it 3 times a week. (This doesn’t make a lot. I tend to just spot treat/ focus on the areas that are acne prone like my cheeks and forehead)


This is a good antioxidant mask for the surface of your skin to get rid of the acne causing bacteria. Also, it helps fade dark marks from acne scars a lot quicker. When I used this mask daily, I noticed less bumps and dark spots, but once I stopped using it, the bumps came back slowly. I still would get new bumps after using it, just not as much as before.

You can find more tumeric mask variations on YouTube but I find that this is the easiest mask that works for me. The ingredients are things I don’t need to spend a lot of money on or buy frequently because they don’t spoil and it’s just as effective as the other suggestions on YouTube. There are some people that said after doing tumeric masks, their acne went away and never came back so now they just do them weekly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky and had to find a combination of things that worked for my skin.

Eliminate/ Limit Gluten

My skin was getting pretty clear from the getgorgeous and tumeric mask combo but….

Since eliminating gluten from my diet for the past 2 weeks, I don’t get many new bumps. The new bumps I do get are very small and I typically scratch them off, put some benzoyl peroxide gel over it and it’s gone. My skin and body is still getting use to/ processing the gluten from 2 weeks+ ago so there are still some bumps that are under my skin (cystic bumps) that take longer to heal and go away. But for the most part my skin is pretty clear and I couldn’t be happier. This is the last change that I made, but it has definitely taken me from having on average of 5-10 small to mid sized scattered bumps a day to less than 5 small bumps that are barely noticeable.

Bread groupEliminating gluten works because gluten can cause inflammation in the body which is what acne is— an inflammation of the skin. I had a few people tell me over the past year that gluten was causing them to be over weight and to have back issues. One lady used to always carry a pillow around with her for back support when she was sitting down but when she eliminated gluten from her diet, I stopped seeing her with the pillow. Another lady lost 100 pounds just by eliminating gluten from her diet and going to Food Addicts Anonymous.

I’ll do another post discussing how I eliminated gluten. Pretty much just pay attention and avoid foods that have bread, bread crumbs, wheat, barley, and whey in them. It isn’t as difficult as I first thought. I do love bread, but I’ve been avoiding it due to the gluten content.

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