Our Low Price Guarantee gives you assurance that you’re getting the best deal anywhere online. Here’s our promise to you: if you find the same exact product available for a better price on another web site, we’ll beat it (if you haven’t ordered yet) or we’ll refund you the difference (if you bought it from us within the last 7 days).

What does “exact same product” mean?

  1. From an online retailer
  2. Same manufacturer
  3. Same SKU/product model
  4. Same age and condition – In other words, the product must be newly shipped from the manufacturer. Refurbished, damaged, returned, reconditioned, or otherwise less than brand new products do not apply (e.g. Items found at stores such as ‘Tuesday Morning’, ‘Sears Outlet’, or other “closeout” retailers are NOT considered same age and condition)
  5. Inclusive of sales tax – we charge sales tax where/when required by law; so for instance, we’re required to collect sales tax in Texas because we have a physical presence here. If you live in Texas and another retailer is offering you the same product without sales tax, we’ll be unable to match that offer
  6. Priced as shipping to you – some big box stores offer trampolines but require you to pick them up at their store, but either are not able or will charge more to ship to your door. Thus, the “exact same product” assumes the exact same shipping arrangement.

We know you have options and we really appreciate your business. We will do everything we can to match or beat our online competitors.

How are we able to offer the low price guarantee?

We are a family-owned and operated business. We don’t have an army of employees, expensive tv/radio marketing campaigns, or fancy offices. Our overhead is low and thus we have more room to give on price. We hope you’ll support our business!